Donnie Wahlberg Donnie Wahlberg. Credit: Paul Marotta/Getty Images


Yesterday was a huge day for Donnie Wahlberg. Not only did girlfriend Jenny McCarthy announce their engagement on “The View,” but he and his brothers (Mark and the poor, forgotten Paul) told the world that they are expanding their Boston casual-dining spot Wahlburgers. (If I were Donnie, I would be more excited about introducing Wahlburgers to casual dining fans throughout North America than being engaged to Jenny McCartney. But that’s just little ‘ol pro-vaccination me.)


“These are the next steps in building Wahlburgers into a great and enduring worldwide brand. We have built the restaurant and partnerships with quality and care, and my brothers and I look forward to continuing the journey,” said Mark Wahlberg in a statement. The expansion plans include Boston, Philadelphia, and Toronto where it will be renamed Wahlburg-ehs (just kidding, Canada!).