Candice Swanepoel walks the Victoria's Secret runway.


All Candice Swanepoel wants for Christmas is her fiancé (sorry, chaps). Actually, the South African model, whose name is usually preceded by the words “blonde bombshell,”is more into giving than receiving. Here, the 27-year-old chats backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show in New York about love, lingerie and why less is indeed more.

What do you think is the best thing to unwrap?

My fiancé.

What’s the best thing for a guy to unwrap on Christmas Day?


A car.

So, are you buying your fiancé a car?

Oh, no, no, no! [Laughs]

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How do you feel about novelty lingerie during the festive season?

You know what, I’m actually not a big Christmassy person, I usually just use the opportunity to travel and run away.

What’s the best present you’ve ever been given?

Probably a vintage piece of jewelry that’s been in my family for a long time. It was my grandmother’s wedding ring. She passed away; now I wear it.

What’s the best gift you’ve received from a man?

We don’t really do presents anymore,my fiancé and I. We’re kind of "less is more."But during the year, I’ll give something as a surprise.

What gift do you use as a treat for yourself after a big assignment?

A massage – that’s my weakness. I love massages.

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You’ve previously said that black lace never fails as your preferred type of lingerie. Is this still the case?

I think that will always be my thing.

At what point should men give lingerie as a gift?

I don’t know, because everyone’s relationship is different. It’s about what you’re comfortable with, you know. I think it can’t feel, like, too forced. It has to be a sweet present.

I’m not big into holidays like Valentine’s Day, and that whole thing. I think spontaneity is the best thing… like "Hey, I thought this would look good on you!"

It’s been a big year for you, both in your career and your personal life. So what’s next?

What’s next? I don’t know, just getting through the end of the year and then I get some time to myself in January. I don’t plan anything because if I plan, my plans are always changed and I get disappointed. So I just go with the flow.

The Victoria's Secret fashion show will air Tuesday Dec. 8 at 10/9 central on CBS.

- ByCaroline Jumpertz

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