Those eyebrows tho

Happy 38th birthday, Tom Hardy!

In the tradition of digging up things from you past, Metro would love to share this marvelous, and some would say, amazing, video of you winning a modeling competition in 1998.

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There are several things we would like to comment on:


1) That hair. It’s so spectacularly 90s that we feel a sudden urge for neon and platform shoes.

2) That model walk. What would Miss J say? She would say that is a horrible, horrible, horrible runway walk.

3) You’re a Virgo? That means you’re an excellent match, astrologically speaking, for our web producer who happens to be a Leo.

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4) Your eyebrows were on fleek.

5) Your transtion from scrawny twink to muscle daddy is proof positive that there is hope for us all.

Watch the wonderful video below:

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