Halle Berry is back, and she wants to make sure you know it.

The 50-year old actress posted a video of her stripping down out of her Oscars dress and skinny dipping in a pool, set to the sweet, sweet sounds of Bruno Mars.

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The actress also told Vogue thatshe wanted to celebrate her natural hairthis year. But here’s a conspiracy theory: what if it’s a wig?

I mean, in the video, she appears to be taking off her dress from the ceremony. But she showed up to Vanity Fair's after party looking adequately moisturized and with her hair pretty much in the exact same shape. So if she did go for a quick skinny dip after the ceremony, how could her hair be still so perfectly coiffed?

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Only if she had a wig. Which is totally fine. It’s still natural hair, maybe. Just in wig form.

Or I suppose this could all be some ploy, and she recorded the video earlier. Whichever.

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