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Watch Kevin Spacey prank call Hillary Clinton for Bill's birthday

"House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey broke out his Bill Clinton impression for a video in honor of the latter's 68th birthday.

Birthdays are fun occasions for people to do special things for you. Maybe your mom calls you, or you go out to a fancy restaurant with friends. Or Kevin Spacey spoofs his "House of Cards" character while fake prank calling Hillary Clinton for your birthday. No? That's not what happened for your birthday? Well, you, dear reader, are no Bill Clinton.

Spacey and Hillary Clinton manage to get in a few jokes about Hillary's 2016 plans (she's in a rectangular office, and she'll make a decision about "Bill's birthday gift" when she's ready), but the main takeaway is that not even Bill Clinton gets to have an elephant as a pet. Maybe that was a dig at Republicans, but either way, we would also love to have a baby elephant.

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