And it looks like the bloodshed is picking up right where it left off. Season 4 of HBO's most nerdastic, epic show looks like it's shaping up to be darker than ever before — if that's even possible.

In the first trailer (which, admittedly, doesn't reveal much past a lot of fighting and brooding and scheming and murdering) we find Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, putting on the HBIC pants she's been tailoring and getting all kinds of real. "They have a choice. They can live in my new world. Or die in their old one," she says — and it's clear she means business. We've been rooting for Khaleesi since she first escaped the tyrannical rule of her creepy brother (his death was epic — molten, liquid gold straight to the dome) and realized that girls can play this game, too.

Elsewhere, Jamie Lannister looks to be back in cocky, strapping form; Joffrey is impudently sadistic and terrible as ever (can we kill this kid off this season, please?); and Tyrion (the amazing Peter Dinklage) is as awesome as ever, if in a bit of bind.


Since this is "Game of Thrones," any of these characters could be disposed of, without ceremony, at any moment. We learned this lesson the hard way when Ned Stark lost his head in one of the most shocking TV deaths of our time. No, seriously, we're still reeling. Only Marissa's death on "The OC" came close. (Damn, that was a good show.)

Stay tuned for more trailers. Because there will be more. And there will be blood.

"Game of Thrones" returns April 6 on HBO.

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