Just what is Gwyneth hiding? Credit: Getty Just what is Gwyneth hiding? Credit: Getty


Yesterday, I asked readers to write in their conspiracy theories on why Gwyneth Paltrow was so upset that Vanity Fairwas planning an article on her.


The actress went so far as to send out a mass email to her friends and acquaintances asking them to not speak with the mag.


And, as usual, you all replied in hilarious fashion, with ‏@jasonh401 tweeting, "I think Gwyneth knows more about these chemical weapons than she's telling......" while reader Alexis Moore thinks there is something more otherworldly going on. "She's hiding the fact she's an alien," she wrote.


But it was Walter Van Der Wahl who hit the nail on the head, saying the squeaky clean actress is probably hiding "her penchant for thug porn."