The past and the future are colliding this weekend: Friday the "Hunger Games" adaptation hits theaters, and Sunday "Mad Men" returns for its fifth season after a long hiatus.

In honor of the collision of ad men and Panem, we've got a collection of articles to help you decide — are you team Katniss, or team Draper?

The Hunger Games

"Hunger Games" is murderously good fun

Getting into the "Hunger Games workout" in New York City


Jennifer Lawrence: My publicist doesn't like it when I call Katniss "white trash"

'Hunger Games' Panem map-maker: 'I consider it a nerd badge of honor'

Mad Men

What should happen in Mad Men's final three seasons?

What will Don Draper look like in the '70s? A conversation with costume designer Janie Bryant

What will happen in season five? One word: 'Change'

"What time does season 5 start?" and other Mad Men reading

Catching up with Don Draper and the rest of the "Mad Men"

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