Bingo's Run book James A. Levine is also the author of "The Blue Notebook."
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Ok, enough with the fluffy holiday reads. This weekend, dive into a novel that will still keep you turning the pages while increasing your global awareness. James A. Levine's new novel, "Bingo's Run," is about a kid (Bingo) living in the Nairobi slums with everything stacked against him. Shortly after he witnesses a murder, he's sent to live in an orphanage. Then, he's adopted to a wealthy American family he can't quite figure out.

The one bright spot in Bingo's life is his relationship with Thomas Hunsa, an artist he delivers drugs to for a local drug lord. Bingo really connects with Hunsa's paintings, even if he doesn't know exactly what they mean. Everywhere else in Nairobi, Bingo is surrounded by filth, danger and deceit. This is a novel about surviving against the odds and developing a moral compass when you were never taught which way is north.


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