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Weekend book pick: 'No Safe House'

Lindwood Barclay releases his newest thriller, "No Safe House."

"No Safe House" came out August 5. Credit: Provided "No Safe House" came out August 5.
Credit: Provided

Whether you're heading to the beach for the weekend or just looking for something to tote to the park, "No Safe House" is a thriller that is so fast-paced, you'll devour it in a matter of days. Fans of Linwood Barclay's book, "No Time For Goodbye" will like that the Archer family makes a return in this gripping novel, but even if you haven't read any of Barclay's books before, you will still enjoy this story.

Husband Terry and wife Cynthia are separated and their teen daughter Grace, who is living with Terry, is lashing out. When Grace's boyfriend lures her to a strange house, the whole family's lives become at stake. In a town that's already shaken up by a dual murder, tensions are already high; now they are through the roof.


With murderers working on both sides, it's hard to know who to trust and the family must rely on psychological tricks to get out alive. To live, Terry is forced to consider things he never thought himself possible of doing before.

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