spiritual rez Spiritual Rez is performing this weekend at Fontana's.
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Rock, reggae and funk may seem like an unusual combination, but the combined effect is an unstoppable dance party for the anticlub kids. The veteran band - they've been putting out music and performing for nine years - is enjoyable to listen to, but performances are where they really bring it, with their five-person band really gets into it, giving a high energy performance that crowdsinevitablyfind contagious. The band is touring to promote their new album, "Apocalypse Whatever," out February 15.

A little Bob Marley, a little Toots and a lot of their own originality thrown in makes Spiritual Rez a one of a kind band to jam to.


Concert details:
Jan. 25, 9:30 p.m.
105 Eldridge St., 212-334-6740

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