How music got free

Sure, sometimes you spot someone selling bootleg DVDs on the subway, but no other industry has experienced quite the same levels of piracy that the music business has. Even though a song costs just $1.29 in the iTunes store and then it's yours for life, so many people aren't willing to spend even a cent on music.

Journalist Stephen Witt delves into the history of digital music piracy and how it relates to some of the biggest streaming services today, such as Pandora, Spotify and Tidal. By using strong narratives about real life colorful characters including two men who made a lucrative career of music pirating, a big music exec at Universal, the father of the mp3 and lastly, a man who was the ringleader of the RNS conspiracy. The result is a storyline that's as informative as it is dramatic.

"How Music Got Free" came out June 16.

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