In an age of uncertainty in the housing market, there’s one residential purchase that’s a safe bet: a dollhouse.

For over 30 years, Kellogg’s Dolls’ Houses in Cold Spring Harbor has made handmade dollhouses for both children and the child within all of us. Sonia Kellogg now runs the business after the passing of her husband, Ned, a master craftsman. Disappointed with dollhouse kits he had come across, Ned made a name for himself by hand-carving the wood for his houses and constructing each by hand. He was especially known for his meticulously made museum replicas, some of which are on display in the Kelloggs’ store.

Now, Sonia enlists the help of a woodcutter to start each project. She then handles the make and finish, following in her husband’s footsteps.

“When I do something, I do it with his approach, his eyes and his technique,” she says. “Ned is guiding me.”

Customers have a variety of options when choosing their miniature home. They can be purchased unfinished or finished, although Sonia says it’s the finishing that most visitors are excited about. She also does renovations to existing houses — even those not built by her and her husband — and sells everything from miniature furniture to tiny birthday cakes and flower pots that add pizzazz to each pint-size palace.

Kellogg’s Dolls’ Houses
49 Main St.
Cold Spring Harbor