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Wes Anderson made an H&M ad that will distract you from reality

Called "Come Together," it only runs four minutes, which is time enough for Donald Trump to tweet something horrible.
Come Together

Wes Anderson regular Adrien Brody stars in the filmmaker's new H&M short, callH&M

On one hand, we should be grossed out that one of our finest filmmakers is making commercials. On the other: one of our finest filmmakers technically made a new short film! Wes Anderson has done ads before; we’d rank his American Express commercial, starring him as an ADD-addled, semi-tyrannical version of himself, at least above his still underrated “The Darjeeling Limited.” Now he’s shilled for H&M, and the results are once again about 90-percent Wes Anderson, about 10-percent advertorial. Whatever it is, it’s definitely made by Wes Anderson.

Running just under four minutes, it stars Adrien Brody — a Wes alum, of “Darjeeling” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” — as a mustachioed train conductor treating his small coterie of passengers to a makeshift Christmas Day celebration. As with all Andersons, there are deliberately artificial sets, delightful camera pans and blared pop hits. (There’s room for just one this time: a certain holiday staple by a former Beatle. Alas, it’s not McCartney’s secretly great “Wonderful Christmastime.”)

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Anderson’s favorite theme is present, too: a community brought together in harmony thanks to a single-minded eccentric. This one’s a bit more bittersweet. The ad’s title is “Come Together,” and it arrives when we need it most. It takes place, as all Andersons, in a hyper-designed bubble, but it also offers a utopia, a safe space, where a rainbow color of passengers can escape from the horrors of the world — into, as it were, a Wes Anderson production. We’d argue all Andersons about the tension between made-up worlds and the horrors of reality. This one’s a perfect way to take a break from our doomed America; by the time you finish it, Donald Trump will almost certainly have tweeted something stupid/scary.


Enjoy it, because who knows when we’ll get the next Wes Anderson feature. His untitled stop-motion film about a dog — featuring Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Edward Norton and Bryan Cranston — is still in the works. “Come Together” is a nice dose of his stuff — a little holiday gift to tide us over and take our minds off you know what.

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