"Broad City" Credit: Comedy Central "Broad City"
Credit: Comedy Central


‘Broad City’
This Amy Poehler production about NYC 20-somethings has been called edgier and funnier than “Girls.” We don’t know how that’s possible, but one thing is for sure: These girls are just getting started.
10:30 P.M., Comedy Central



‘Survivor: Cagayan’
Odds are no one had ever heard of Cagayan prior to this season of “Survivor.” And just as likely, most still can’t locate it on the map. Nevertheless, this Indonesian province is home to the 27th installment of the reality drama. Expect an emotional meltdown tonight.
8 P.M., CBS


The reviews are mixed (haha). While some critics are asking how such misogyny can follow up the open-mindedness of “Modern Family,” others are calling the show “disarmingly fresh and funny.” See what you think of this barroom comedy from the creators of “The Hangover.”
9:30 P.M., ABC

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