Is there in fact a new addition to the Will and Kate's household?

According to People UK Kate received a spaniel puppy as a birthday gift from her brother James.

The Duchess, who recently turned 30, was reportedly spotted cozying up to her new hubby as they walked along the water with the new addition in tow.

In the days leading up to Christmas rumors were circulating that William was planning to give Kate a puppy, then on New Years the couple was spotted playing with the family dogs at their Buckleberry home. Now, it seems Will and Kate have a furry friend all their own.


However, what should they call it? The rumors are circulating that the pup is called "Elsa," but to be honest, that's boring. We've been kind enough to brainstorm a list of replacement names:

-- Prince Hairy

There you go. The only possible name for the canine companion for Prince William and the Dutchess of Cambridge. There's no alternative.

(If you disagree, leave your own ideas in the comments!)

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