What up, Brahmin?

After a series of violent crimes, 33 Restaurant closed with a badreputation, but it should’ve been better known for serving sometop-notch cocktails.

After a series of violent crimes, 33 Res-taurant closed with a bad reputation, but it should’ve been better known for serving some top-notch cocktails.


The Brahmin American Cuisine & Cocktails, the new tenants in the space on the suddenly-crowded Stanhope Street, hope to pick up with they left off in the latter regard.


The owners — also behind Red Sky Restaurant & Lounge — say the idea is to pay homage to the old-monied Boston culture the name evokes. That shows up in touches like antique cabinets, tufted couches and old-timey knickknacks strewn throughout the dark brown, candle- and chandelier-lit interior.


Owner Russ deMariano says they’re moving away from the vibe of the space’s former inhabitants.

“We want the Brahmin to be a destination for lunch, the afterwork and dinner crowd as well as a place you can come to lounge and socialize at night.” That said, he adds, “During the weekend nights we plan to create more of an upbeat atmosphere, bumping up the music a little and creating a lively and social atmosphere.”


That’s how I found it on a recent Thursday, with a typical Back Bay minidress and power-suit crowd drinking along to loud dance music.