CeeLo Green has decided to continue his second act as an animatronic cartoon villain called Gnarly Davidson (no really) and well, he certainly turned heads.

The one-time "Voice" judge is in the midst of an identity crisis/revamp and revealed the alter-ego to XXL earlier this year, with the following message:

"Look at me… LOOK AT ME! YOU DID THIS TO ME CEELO GREEN, YOU F—G IDIOT. BUT I LIKE IT, I’m actually…BETTER! Than you… than everyone! A karmikaze upon you! Vengeance is mine sayeth GNARLY DAVIDSON. P.S. TECHNOLOJESUS saves.”

So, as you can see, very self-explanatory. Unfortunately, not all of Twitter received the message, because there's some disparity in interpretation.

Maybe a heavier focus on branding next time, CeeLo.

Meanwhile, here are some actual well-dressed people at the Grammy Awards.

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