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Now ...

As our copyeditors will tell you, we’re far from perfect. But we can’t understand the lack of spellcheck over at Missed Connections— it’s not as if you’re going to win over that hot Trader Joe’s cashier with your great conversation skills. MissedCorrections.com takes a red pen to the Craigslist postings, editing the usual suspects of spelling and punctuation as well as calling out flaws in reasoning and logic. Of which, at least among Trader Joe’s stalkers, there are many.

This weekend

‘Due Date’ hits theaters
Zach Galifianakis, Robert Downey Jr. and a French bulldog (in a surgery cone!) set off on a cross-country road trip — frankly, we don’t even care if they never leave the parking lot.

This holiday season ...

‘Gaga’ Johnny Morgan’s coffee-table book to end coffee-table books isn’t only super easy to wrap, but it’s also a gorgeous gift for both superfans and casual Gaga gawkers. Of course it helps that Lady is infinitely fun to look at, but Morgan’s account of her (fairly normal) past makes the outrageous, sparkly creature on page 147 all the more intriguing.

Next fall ...

Taylor Swift’s perfume
Taylor Swift’s new scent for Elizabeth Arden hits stores next fall — and not to be creepy, but we’re creepy: She probably smells fantastic, right? Like a rich talented dryer sheet and flowers from Jake Gyllenhaal.

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