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Several celebrity outlets are reporting that bad boy pop singer Justin Bieber has officially ditched former flame Selena Gomez and is moving on with a younger girl.

Eighteen-year-old Spanish-born Yovanna Ventura, who is a high school student in Miami, has been seen canoodling with the Canadian singer in Las Vegas and Venice Beach, California, according to reports.


If Biebs has indeed moved on from Gomez, who dazzled at Monday night's Met Gala, we need to find out a little more about this girl.

She's a model

Ventura, who is a student at Miami Senior High School, is managed by Elite Model Management, based out of Miami. However, her booking email address, which she freely displays on her Instagram profile, is a Hotmail address. Technology must not be a strong suit of hers. She's also bilingual.


She's a fitness freak

Her Instagram is full of pictures of her working out, posing, product placements and how-to videos.

Girlfriend LOVES selfies

Even more than Bieber. Nearly every single picture is of her body. And when we say every one we mean, like, only a couple aren't of her body.Ventura has more than 214,000 followers on Instagram, a number sure to skyrocket if she's in fact dating Bieber.

Beliebers are already on the attack

Comments on some pictures range from "You're so pretty!" to "Selena is better!" If she's going to be Justin's new woman, she'd better be able to handle those Belibers, who are worse than the paparazzi at times.

She poses better than Justin Bieber

I mean, is he constipated in this picture? Ventura looks lovely while Biebs looks like he's got a dirty diaper. Girl, get out while you can.


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