Have you been to a grocery store recently and struggled to resist sticking your head under the vegetable misters? Well Twenty Manning Grill (256 S. 20th St.) has a similar system that sprays small water droplets from the awning above the outdoor tables. The water evaporates before it gets anyone wet, but not before lowering the air temperature by 20 degrees or so.


At the brand-new Adsum (700 S. Fifth St.), much has been made of chef/owner Matt Levin’s innovative menu, but the cocktails by former APO Bar + Lounge bar man Preston Eckman aren’t to be ignored. The Unholy Water features blanco tequila, smoked blackberry balsamic syrup, fresh lemon and house-made ginger beer over crushed ice.


Windowless cocktail lounge Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. (112 S. 18th St.) is always a few degrees cooler (and the temperature is lower, too). Pick a cocktail from the drink bible and watch the bartenders mix one up with one of the three varieties of ice offered: crushed; a jagged iceberg chipped off a large ice block; or a large cube specially formulated to melt slower. Sounds like a plan for summer 2010.


– Arthur Etchells is a local food blogger. Read more at www.foobooz.com.


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