It was the best of times; it was the worst of times, there was The Cliks’ Lucas Silveira with a freshly released album and there were his bandmates heading out the door saying, “See ya.”

“It put a complete halt on all of our touring, it destroyed everything,” Silveira tells Metro about the June-released “Dirty King” and his bassist and drummer exiting a month later. “I was like, you guys could have picked a better time. We had an album that cost 50 grand. If it was something they had to do, fine, I understand. But it put me in a really tight position. Our fans were like, why aren’t you guys on tour. I was like, ‘you can’t tour without a band.’”

Silveira isn’t one to talk in cliches, but sometimes they hold true.


“What I learned here was that when one door closes, another one opens. If you put your energy in the right place and try to stay positive, even if it’s exhausting, then good things will come to you,” the Toronto native says. “I don’t believe in all that God stuff, but I truly feel blessed with something.”

And so he should. Silveira hasn’t simply found replacements; he’s reinvigorated the Cliks with Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione and NYC-based bassist Tobi Parks. Viglione, he says, was in his fantasy Cliks line-up.

“He’s just unbelievable. It’s not just that he’s this amazing drummer; he’s also an amazing showman. I feel so carried by his energy behind me.”

The Cliks
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