One must prepare for the unexpected when interviewing somebody whose biographical film is titled, “Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son Of A Bitch.” And the man known to the world as Lemmy Kilmister certainly delivers. In discussing the two-year filmmaking process, the iconic 65-year-old hard-rock frontman of Motörhead provides answers that vary between flip and, when you least expect it, sweet — just like the persona that comes across in the film.

When asked what it was like for him to watch a movie about his life with a roomful of people, he says, “Well, I’ve done it twice now, so I’m quite blase about it.”

But he opens up more on the reactions to the biopic.

“A couple of the reviews have been strange to me,”?he says. “I mean, one guy said, ‘Obviously, Lemmy is lonely and embittered,’ and I’m not at all. I don’t mind being on me own at all.”

And then he receives a call on the other line: “That was somebody telling me it was Dave Grohl’s birthday today,”?he says, sharing his plans to send his fellow rocker a text. Grohl, in fact, is one of many high-profile musicians singing the legend’s praises in the film.

But in true Lemmy form, he dismisses the praise momentarily, then reconsiders: “As long as you don’t believe it, it’s cool,”?he says. “It was very nice.”