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When will 'Sherlock' return?

Martin Freeman hints that there may be a one-off episode before Season Four of the BBC's "Sherlock."

The worst thing about the BBC's "Sherlock" is that 99% of the time there is no BBC's "Sherlock." The hit Sherlock Holmes adaptation produces three-episode seasons roughly every two years. At this rate, it will hit that hundred-episode milestone American shows are always so proud of in roughly the year 2076.

Maybe, however, it'll reach it slightly sooner than that. Martin Freeman, who stars as Watson, hinted that we may see a one-off "Sherlock" special episode well before Season Four make its appearance.

"[Showrunner] Mark Gatiss may beat me up,"Freeman told the BBC, "but there is an idea for this one-off special that’s such a good idea, and as I was listening to it I thought 'we’ve just got to do this'. And I don’t know when we are going to be able to do it, unfortunately.

"It’s a fantastic, really mouth-watering idea. But I really don’t know when we are going to get to do it."


So could there be a "Sherlock" Christmas special this year to go with the "Doctor Who" Christmas special? Still unlikely - Freeman and his costar Benedict Cumberbatch are becoming movie stars in the US, making it difficult to imagine that they could squeeze in another episode of television. You'll just have to spend that 90 minutes on Christmas Day with your family.

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