A father's job isn't easy. They're meant to provide for us, challenge us, and subtly undermine our questionable decisions to pursue that "creative" job we're hoping to land any day now. As you get older, things start to level off a bit, and you can experience the pleasure of taking your father out for a drink and picking up the tab. It's a nice gesture, but more importantly, a way to show that you can actually scrape two nickels together on your own. He might refuse at first, but he'll respect you for it. Just don't make a habit of it, because that dude probably has way more money than you.


Maybe your dad is into cocktails? He probably reads this column then. Hi, Dad! Take him to Local 149 where they're featuring two special Father's Day cocktails, the Go Ask Your Mother, made with rye, scotch, Cinzano Rosso, and Benedictine; or for more simple, to-the- point drinking, he'll want the Disappointed, Not Angry, made with the two ingredients most dads know how to find in the pantry: Balvenie single malt and ice. There's also a special of prime rib with eggs and lobster stuffed baked potato.


Dads like sports too, right? Unfortunately, all of the local teams are done for the season (yes, including the Sox). But for the international-minded sports dad, they're showing the European Cup at Ducali's "calcio brunch." They're also unveiling a new Italian craft brew there called Birra Del Borgo Re Ale, inspired by traditional Brit pale ales from way back. Couple that with fried eggs and Italian sausage, or even better, pizza for breakfast. Maybe they'll even serve it cold and let dad eat it standing in front of the fridge like he normally does.


None of those sound like dad? Here's an idea: Go to his bar. Not the one he thinks you'll both like, not the one that will impress him, but the one he normally goes to. Sit next to him, let him order as many crappy macrobrews as he wants. Listen, ask him questions about his life, keep your mouth shut for once about your problems and exciting projects. You may just learn something. With that in mind, you're a good man Bobby O'Neil. But I'm probably not going to get down to Kingston this weekend, because, you know, I've got all this stuff going on.


If you go

Ducali Pizzeria & Bar

289 Causeway Street, Boston, 617-742-4144


Local 149

149 P Street, Boston