Carson Daly is getting ready for his moment to shine.Theo Wargo, NBC

Generally, most of us don't need help keeping track of the time. Between smartphones, smart watches and the fact that we all spend all day staring at computers, how often do you need to ask for the time? But somehow, on New Year's Eve, everyone needs to find someone to help them count down to the new year. Almost all of the networks air some New Year's programming earlier in the evening, so while we're only listing the stuff around midnight, you can also tune in earlier to catch all of the musical performances, if that's your thing. Here are your options this year:

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest

That title is a bit of a mouthful, but this is Ryan Seacrest's big moment. This broadcast is the one with the live Taylor Swift performance, in case you were wondering what she was up to on New Year's Eve. Jenny McCarthy and Fergie will be splitting some of the hosting responsibilities. How long before they just call this thing Ryan Seacrest's New Year's Rockin' Eve?

You should watch if: You're hanging out with your kids. ABC is also promising One Direction and Elton John, so we figure this broadcast is the one the whole family can watch together.


11:30 p.m., ABC

Pitbull's New Year's Revolution

While Seacrest may be taking over New York, Pitbull is ringing in the new year in Miami. He'll have Enrique Iglesias, FallOut Boy, Fifth Harmony, the Band Perry and Becky G joining him. And apparently his party is more of a revolution, so maybe he's got something extra special planned.

You should watch if:1. You love Pitbull and 2. You suspect Carson Daly and Ryan Seacrest are cyborgs.

11 p.m., FOX

New Year's Eve with Carson Daly

Daly seems to have almost the full collection of "The Voice" judges with him for the evening, as Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and PharrellWilliams will all be there. Sadly, no Adam Levine, but your favorite dueting partners, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, will be there, and Seth McFarlane will also be attending, possibly to do a series of "Family Guy" jokes? That guy loves to sing, so maybe he'll just be performing as himself.

You should watch if: Your love of "The Voice" knows no bounds, or you always loved "Total Request Live," and are still bummed Carson has a new job now.

10 p.m., NBC

New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin

This show doesn't have any glamorous performers listed, but let's be real: The main reason to watch this one is because these two are hysterical together. Whether it's Griffin insisting on calling him Andy, or the normally straight-laced Cooper giggling all night, this show is generally pretty fun, and is undoubtedly the funniest thing you'll see on CNN every year.

You should watch if: You actually want to listen to any of the programming. To prep, read this cute interview with the duo.​​​

9 p.m., CNN

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