Prince Farming is ready for marriage.Rick Rowell, ABC

Monday night brings the premiere of the latest season of "The Bachelor," which means two things: True love is possible in 2015, and it's time to start predicting who Chris Soules (who ABC is insisting on calling "Prince Farming") will pick. He's going to start with 30 choices, but 8 of them will go home the first night. They range in age from 21 to the positively ancient 33, and clearly the best career any of them have is the one training to be a professional wrestler. There's also an esthetician, a wedding cake decorator, and not terribly surprisingly, a former NFL cheerleader. Several of them fear diarrhea on dates and wish they could swim with dolphins, so he should keep that in mind when going out with them. That's a lot of ladies to choose from! We think Chris should take our excellent advice and pick one of these five ladies.

1. Amanda, 24, ballet teacher

Why he should pick her: When asked what she would be happy to never do again, she said clean, which is funny, and doesn't sound like she's trying to impress him. Plus, she seems like a real go-getter: She would use her lottery winnings to pay off her student loans and buy a house, and she wants to open her own dance studio.

Why he shouldn't pick her: When asked to pick a fictional character she would be, she chose Allie from "The Notebook." Come on, everyone loves that movie! We think Prince Farming should pick someone with more exciting taste in movies.


2. Ashley I., 26, Freelance journalist and/or nanny

Why he should pick her: Because she's a journalist. Obviously we were going to pick the journalist. But she's also listed as a nanny, so we're not sure how she makes a living. Hmm, maybe this is more of a con than a pro.

Why he shouldn't pick her: She wants to make a cheeseburger for her boyfriend and watch football with him, which makes us think she's the "cool girl" described in "Gone Girl." And we all know how that turned out.

3. Carly, 29, cruise ship singer

Why he should pick her: See above. Cruise ship singer! She must have some insane stories. He'd never be bored.

Why he shouldn't pick her: She says she can't live without mascara. Plus, she's been at sea for some time. Is she ready for the landlocked farm lifestyle?

4. Tara, 26, sport fishing enthusiast

Why he should pick her: Everything here seems really viable in a partner, from the career of "sport fishing enthusiast" to her answer to "Do you consider yourself a romantic?": "Not too romantic. Because I have not been in a relationship for so long, or dated anyone, I have no one to be romantic towards."

Why he shouldn't pick her: NO REASONS, SHE IS AWESOME. Also, she went to a foreign country using her identical twin's passport, so even if he tries to break up with her, who will he really have broken up with? We need answers, Tara, 26, sport fishing enthusiast.

​​5. Tandra, 30, Executive Assistant

Why he should pick her: She seems pretty normal. When asked what her worst date fear was, she said she hadn't really thought about it before, which seems nice and honest.

Why he shouldn't pick her: We've really got nothing here. She's totally normal, with no red flags. So she'll probably be eliminated in the premiere.

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