Who is the richest superhero?

Is it Green Arrow? Batman? Iron Man? You’ll probably be surprised who's on top.
Green Arrow

DC Comics

When it comes to superheroes, Peter Parker is far from the wealthiest.
The recently released Spider-Man: Homecoming showed just that: Without the backing of Tony Stark, Peter Parker even had to resort to using his pajamas for a costume. Considering that he's still at high school and living with his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), it's easy to see why Parker has so far failed to bolster his bank account, especially because he spends his downtime fighting crime in New York City.
Most other superheroes have plenty of cash, though, which is what allows them to go dish out justice to villains on a regular basis. But which of the superheroes can literally say, 'Money is no object'? There are a quite a few, actually, and you'll almost certainly be surprised at who is number one. Take a list at our list of the five richest superheroes to find out.  
Green Arrow — $3 billion
Oliver Queen inherited the multi-billion-dollar weapons and munitions company Queen Industries after the death of his parents, and the wealth allowed him to become the Green Arrow by night. But as Queen took on more superhero responsibilities, he decided to move away from producing violent items and instead distributed his money to nonprofits and charities, while also putting money into the Justice League and his own weaponry and technology. Which suggests he might not be in the top five for much longer.
Professor Charles Xavier — $3.5 billion
X-Men fans became privy to Charles Xavier's wealth back in September 2002's New X-Men #129, when the villainous Fantomex tried to extort Professor X for $3.5 billion. The prof has had plenty of opportunities to acquire more money, though: His ability to read minds means he could easily learn about insider trading or just steal PIN numbers. However, because he's busy leading the X-Men, you can understand why his attention has instead been focused on his Mutants and Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters.
Bruce Wayne — $9.2 billion
Bruce Wayne is probably the most famous example of a multi-billionaire that decides to take on the baddies by utilizing his wealth for good. And even though he's already spent billions to keep the villains of Gotham in check, that hasn't really made a dent in his fortune. That's because, according to Time, Wayne has a personal wealth of $9.2 billion. But that should increase soon, because his company Wayne Enterprises has a yearly turnover of $31.3 billion.
Tony Stark — $12.4 billion
Although Bruce Wayne/Batman is still slightly more renowned than Tony Stark/Iron Man (despite Robert Downey Jr. raising his popularity tenfold over the last decade), it turns out the Marvel superhero actually has more coinage. Stark Industries actually brings in less revenue than Wayne Enterprises, though, as its turnover is a paltry $20.3 billion. Which suggests that Bruce Wayne is spending much more of his money on being Batman than Tony Stark is on being Iron Man.
T'Challa — $90.7 billion
Now that's a shocker for the books. There's a very good reason why T'Challa/Black Panther is so wealthy, though: Vibranium. Wakanda, which T'Challa is the king of, is the home to pretty much all of the world's Vibranium, the super-strong metal that Captain America's shield is made out of. Vibranium costs $10,000 per gram, and Wakanda has 10,000 tons of it. This means that T'Challa actually has more money than is on planet Earth. No wonder he's such a prime target for villains. 
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