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Why are Nicki and Azealia practically naked at Paris Fashion Week?

Seriously, why?

Nicki Minaj is at Paris Fashion Week. So is Azealia Banks. And they are both just letting it all hang out. And by “it,” I mean their left breast, and entire ass, respectively.

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At least Nicki is giving Lil’ Kim a solid tribute. You know, the classic single boob covered by a delicately placed pasty. She’s giving me empowered, futuristic sex slave and it's hideous.


But Azealia’s look is even worse.Her denim shorts are so beyond deconstructedthatin the back, her entire behind is exposed — We’re thisclose to seeing this woman’s ovaries.

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Both of the rappers are very busy outside of PFW. Minaj, 34, is mostly in a feud with Remy Ma right now. Banks, 25, practices witchcraft and spends most of her time trolling people more famous than her on social media platforms, until she gets kicked off of them.


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