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Nevermind: Jennifer Garner calls off divorce from Sad Ben Affleck

It's very hard to keep up with these two.

Surprise, surprise: Jennifer Garner has decided to hold off on divorce proceedings from her estranged husband, Ben Affleck. I guess she didn’t hear about the return of the original Bennifer and their lukewarm, I mean, explosive chemistry!

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According to People, the actors, both 44, aren’t exactly back together, but they’ve decided to keep working on their marriage in a perpetual state of limbo. How modern!

A source tells the magazine that Jen called off the divorce because she just really wants things to work out with her very sad baby daddy. “There is always a chance of reconciliation. They love each other. They also really, really love their kids, and those kids love their parents.”


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If you need more proof of how badly these two kind of want to be together, please consider this very telling anecdote from their son’s 5th birthday: “They had a cake. Everyone seemed happy.” Um, duh. Cake makes everybody happy. But cake can’t help a doomed marriage, so. Good luck or whatever.

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