jennifer lawrence hair Jennifer Lawrence unveiled her new hairdo on Facebook on her way to a "Hunger Games" event.
Credit: Facebook


Jennifer Lawrence made waves this week by chopping off her own waves. Her long, usually blonde-occasionally brunette locks are gone, replaced with an asymmetrical and very short bob.


So why did the once and future Katniss lose her long hair? Is she preparing for a role as Natalie Portman circa 2005? Nope — Hollywood's down-to-earth darling got a drastic cut for the same reason most of us do. She was sick of her style.


"I don’t know, I cut it earlier, and it was just kind of like [shoulder-length] and it grew to that awkward, gross length, and I just kept putting it back in a bun, and I said, ‘Well I don’t want to do this,’ so I just cut it off," she told Yahoo. "It just couldn't get any uglier."


Of course it could get uglier. She could bleach it haphazardly in the gym showers and then color it pink with fabric dye. I did that when I was 14 and itreally couldn't get any uglier. But I respect her need for a change, and the bob is adorable.