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The New York Times Style Magazine published an interview between Rhianna and film maker Miranda July ("Me, You, and Everyone We Know," "The Future") in which we essentially get to watch July struggle to restrain her inner fangirl, while at the same time reveling in what is clearly the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

We read the interview so you don't have to and here are the five things you need to know:


1) She sits around Googling childbirth just like any normal human being

When asked what Rihanna searches for when she’s online the popstar was candid, “Oh, random things. Like I will be sitting around Googling childbirth," she told July. “Childbirth is putting it the not-gross way. I was searching the size of certain things, and how much they expand, and then what happens after.”

2) She is the sole person behind her Instagram

The pop star claims that her favorite app on her phone is called Squaready, which helps fit any picture in the now-gone square dimensions that photos were restricted to on Instagram. When asked if she was the sole woman behind running her account she said “Yeah, yeah. That’s the only way it’ll actually work. My fans can sniff the BS from very far away. I cannot trick them.’’

3) What turns her on?

When it comes to what kind of men turn her on, Bad Girl RiRi claims men who are good with their tongues (as in languages, you perv) impress her.

“‘I’m turned on by guys who are cultured. That’ll keep me intrigued. They don’t have to have a single degree, but they should speak other languages or know things about other parts of the world or history or certain artists or musicians. I like to be taught. I like to sit on that side of the table”

4) What she thinks about being a young black woman with power in America.

“You know, when I started to experience the difference — or even have my race be highlighted — it was mostly when I would do business deals. And, you know, that never ends, by the way. It’s still a thing. And it’s the thing that makes me want to prove people wrong. It almost excites me; I know what they’re expecting and I can’t wait to show them that I’m here to exceed those expectations.’’

‘‘But I have to bear in mind,’’ she continued, looking right at the voice recorder, ‘‘that those people are judging you because you’re packaged a certain way — they’ve been programmed to think a black man in a hoodie means grab your purse a little tighter. For me, it comes down to smaller issues, scenarios in which people can assume something of me without knowing me, just by my packaging.’’

5) She’s not pregnant

She's just not.

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