Kristen Bell will star in the new "Veronica Mars" movie. Credit: Reuters Kristen Bell will star in the new "Veronica Mars" movie.
Credit: Reuters

The "Veronica Mars" movie comes out tonight , and the eyes of the industry will be on it - it's famously the first large Hollywood project to be funded on Kickstarter. But fans shouldn't put away their checkbooks just yet. Producer Rob Thomas says there may be a sequel.“There’s language in the cast’s deals about a sequel andKristen Belland I have talked about it, but it’s all about hitting that magic [revenue] number with box office and VOD [video on demand],” Thomas told Deadline.

That may not be as hard as it sounds: Veronica Mars opens on 291 screens this weekend, and word is that Warner Bros would be satisfied with a relatively paltry $1 million in revenue on opening weekend. No shocker there, since they didn't have to invest much to get the film made. Still, Thomas made sure that if this weekend's film is the last we see of teen (well, former teen) sleuth Veronica Mars, fans will be satisfied. "I wrote the movie in such a way that if we don’t see Veronica Mars again, the audience will be satisfied in a way that Season 3 did not. I wanted to go down swinging on this series," he said.

He's as feisty as Veronica herself. If slightly more likely to beg for money from strangers.

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