Juliette Jeffers’ two-act play, “Batman and Robin in the Boogie Down,” exceeds the amount of heavy emotions one person may think they can hold. It follows two siblings growing up in the Bronx, examining how the TV show “Batman and Robin” solidified their relationship as they faced off against childhood tragedies and growing pains.


Jeffers seamlessly flows through various emotions, starting and ending the play with a suitcase, a talisman for the reflection of her and her brother’s past. This search for answers is not a one-dimensional delving into childhood, but a multi-faceted story proving there are two sides to every tale, and to know the truth is to explore both of them. Jeffers does just that, moving from one character to another in the blink of an eye.


From playing herself as a young child, to re-enacting her Latino uncle teaching her brother (whom she also portrays) how to commandeer “the ladies,” she proves the ability to use her experiences as a step towards her own liberation and comedic relief.