CNN's Wolf Blitzer misremembers Prince’s 'Purple Haze'

The CNN anchor incorrectly misattributed a classic Jimi Hendrix jam to the late great artist, who died at 57 on Thursday.

Sorry, Prince fans. Wolf Blitzer never meant to cause you any sorrow. Wolf Blitzer never meant to cause you any pain. He only wanted one time, to see you laughing.


And laugh we totally did, after the CNN anchor made a cringeworthy faux pas during his coverage of the singer's death this afternoon, waxing sentimental about the song “Purple Haze”—which is, of course, actually a Jimi Hendrix song from 1967.


The legend's iconic single was, in fact, entitled “Purple Rain,” from the groundbreaking 1984 album with the same name.Wolf, I mean come on.


At least he didn’t call it “Blueberry Beret.”

You can watch a video of Prince getting the lyrics right during a live performance of "Purple Rain," below:


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