It’s that time of the week again, ladies and gentlemen! That time when we, your humble and judgey sartorial servants, show you which celebrities absolutely failed fashion this week.

This week was packed with red carpet events like the MTV Movie Awards and the premiere of the film “Mother’s Day.” For the most part, celebrities made sound decisions regarding what to wear. There were several though, three of which belong to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, that just made some really questionable fashion choices.
We dug through hundreds of photos to bring you the absolute worst of the worst, and here they are:
Kim Kardashian: This is what happens when Kanye let’s Kim pick out her own clothes.
Kendall Jenner: Rumor has it, Jenner belongs to a super exclusive coven of celebrity witches.
Kourtney Kardashian: Reality TV star, mother and human kleenex.
Carmen Busquets: See image below:
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Imogen Poots: The medallion Poots is wearing was awarded to her for heroism and “Saving others from ever wearing this ugly dress.”

Samantha Harris: Harris allegedly moonlights as a partition for confession booths in Catholic churches.

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Halsey: Fashion has a strict rule about walking around dressing up like a finger, and Halsey broke it.

Lucy Walsh: Appropriation is never a good look, Ms. Walsh.

Laura San Giacomo: “Canadian Tuxedo? I want to be a Canadian Condom!” Giacomo reportedly told the sales associate at the denim wholesale warehouse.

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