How do you attack Philly Beer Week, the 10-day marathon of beer drinking that features over 1,000 events and almost 200 venues?


There is an unlimited number of ways to come up with a game plan, but we thought it might be fun to hit events that represent the greatest beer areas of the world and the country.


The Germans do their beer right — they’ve upheld the Reinheitsgebot “beer purity” law since 1516. Experience that tradition as Brauhaus Schmitz and the German Society of Pennsylvania (611 Spring Garden St.) pair up this Saturday for an all-day outdoor biergarten with German music, food and beer.

Now, the Belgians don’t follow the Reinheitsgebot, and that freedom has allowed the small European country to brew some of the most creative beers in the world. Sample their handiwork from fruity lambic to the sweet and potent tripel at Zythos America (3260 South St.) this Sunday.


Stateside, Michigan has been producing good craft beer for years, and Bell’s Brewing has been at the forefront. Thirty-one flavors of the Western Michigan brewery will be available on Monday at City Tap House (3925 Walnut St.).

And of course, Philadelphia has as rich a brewing tradition as any. Celebrate the local breweries and Philadelphia’s best beer bars with a bar crawl on Wednesday. The crawl will hit seven Center City bars, with local brewers pouring at each.

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