"Mañana"by William Hjortsberg

At its core, “Manana” is simple: A man wakes up next to a dead prostitute, and his wife is missing. Talk about drama. This thriller brings us on a dark ride of plot twists and turns through the underbelly of Mexico in the 1960s.



"Girlin the Moonlight"by Charles Dubow

Dubow’s protagonist moves past romance into full-on obsession. We’re not talking about our obsession with Federal Donuts or Madonna’s constant clamoring over Drake — he’s grappling with a wreck-your-life fixation on an elusive woman.

Young Adult:

"None of the Above"by I.W. Gregorio

High school was tough for most of us, but it’s especially difficult for Kristin Lattimer when she discovers that, despite years of outwardly being a girl, she is intersex. All the things in her life that seemed so perfect — her boyfriend, her scholarship to college, her homecoming nomination — suddenly take on new meaning as she moves forward from her diagnosis.


"The Outdoor Table"by AprilMcKinney

This summer, don’t be confined to your boring dining room table at mealtime. And no more dinners on the couch in front of “Simpsons” reruns — that’s not just us, right? McKinney’s new cookbook is full of inspired seasonal recipes that are portable and picnic-approved.


"A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life"by Brian Grazer

We’re always up for a little self-improvement, and this book isn’t your typical self-help fare. Writer, producer and collector of Oscars and Emmys Brian Grazer wrote a quirky and insightful book about his rousing conversations with brilliant minds from every industry that we’re excited to check out.


"Go Set a Watchman"by Harper Lee

There’s palpable anticipation — and a tinge of controversy — surrounding the release of Lee’s new novel. Though the manuscript was written over half a century ago, it was just discovered last year. Is Lee somehow being exploited, or does she want to release this book? Is it a cash-grab? Either way, it’s from the author of “To Kill a Mockingbird” — we’ll be devouring this one in a single sitting. It’s out July 14.

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