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Epic water gun fight in Central Park

A massive crowd sprayed each other senselessly with water guns on Saturday in Central Park. The fight on the Great Lawn had such a massive attendance, participants were not allowed to re-enter the arena.

Police actively guarded the entrances and kept close watch at this unauthorized event.

Starting at 2 p.m., the event drew people of all ages and backgrounds to the middle of the Great Lawn.

Water gunners on the surrounding pathway were also subject to surprise attacks. Innocent bystanders on the path were not immune to the crossfire.

Water fountains had huge lines as people waited to reload their weapons.

Park authorities did not authorize the event given the potential water damage to the lawn. Over 64,000 people on Facebook had signed up for the event, which concerned authorities who encouraged participants to migrate to other areas of the park.

Participants overall had a wet blast. Some even had interesting remarks about the event.

From Saint Louis, twin sisters, Zvezda and Sontsa Spring, acknowledged that though 16, “we are still three at heart.”

“I just like to get people with water and not get in trouble for it,” responded Charissa, 23 from the Bronx, when asked why she comes back each year.

22- year-old girl, Jie Yang from China commented that “people in my country are more shy.”

Jai Kumar, a 14 year old boy from Astoria, Queens, sheepishly admitted “someone stole my shoes.”

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