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Erasing varicose veins transforms woman’s legs (and life)

Beautiful Legs

Reporter was commissioned to write this in-depth article.

As Olivia and her husband prepared for a beach vacation several years back, she wasn’t filled with the excited anticipation you’d might expect – instead, she was dreading having to show off her legs on the beach.

For people like Olivia, varicose veins once painted an unwelcome picture on her legs. Not only were her “spider veins” unsightly, they were also the culprits behind daily pain and unbearable cramping. What should have been a dream getaway turned into an anxiety-riddled trip. Not only was she self-conscious about her appearance – the pain in her legs made it difficult to even stroll along the beach with her husband.
It was only a matter of time before the veins seriously began impacting her mobility. Olivia went on to eventually require elastic bandages on her legs and a cane just to walk.
“At night, I couldn’t sleep because of cramps; and every morning, I needed a leg massage,” she said. “My condition was clearly not getting better and seemed to gradually be getting worse.”
Eventually, Olivia had enough. She reached out to USA Vein Clinics. From there, a skilled team of doctors assessed her condition, concluding that she needed to have two procedures to erase her varicose veins for good. After discovering that her insurance would fully cover the procedures, Olivia decided to go for it.
The painless, in-and-out procedures rendered incredible results.
“When I finally took off the stockings, I just couldn’t believe my eyes – it was amazing!” said Olivia. “The legs were like mine and not mine at the same time. Even my kids were like, ‘Mom, you’ve got young legs!’
“I really felt an extraordinary and unusual lightness. It was as if I had turned the clock back 15 years.”
Olivia and her husband celebrated with a new-and-improved beach vacation. This time around, she was anything but self-conscious showing off her legs.
Stories like Olivia’s aren’t uncommon at USA Vein Clinics, which specializes in treating unsightly spider and varicose veins. In addition to their unattractive appearance, these circulation problems are also linked to serious health concerns like trophic ulcers, infections and blood clots.
With a coast-to-coast network of treatment centers, USA Vein Clinics makes it easy to say goodbye to these unwanted veins for good. In fact, their laser technology is typically close to 100 percent effective in erasing them altogether. It’s no wonder “Home Reporter” has named them the “Best Vein Clinic” three years in a row.
Reach out to USA Vein Centers today to take control over crippling varicose veins.

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