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Esiason reiterates criticism ahead of Tebow interview

WFAN radio host and former Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason has been perhaps the most vocal critic of Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, but he isn’t expecting fireworks on Thursday when his radio show visits Jets training camp. Esiason along with cohost Craig Carton, are expected to have Tebow as a guest on the show. Current starter Mark Sanchez is also scheduled to be one of the guests.

Esiason made headlines on Aug. 6 when he said on “Boomer & Carton” he would cut Tebow.

“I’m just telling you right now, I would [cut him],” Esiason told listeners. “And I’ll tell you why I would. It’s not in any way, shape or form — I think — benefiting this team.”

Carton questions if the Jets have upgraded this offseason and Esiason, who played with the Jets from 1993-95, doesn’t think bringing in a quarterback the caliber of Tebow helps Sanchez get better.

In an exclusive interview with Metro, the hosts of “Boomer & Carton” previewed their visit to Jets camp.

“Craig reads articles and reads quotes by general manager Mike Tannenbaum and he says ‘Our quarterback has to play better.’ From a hardcore, Jet’s fans perspective, they’re like ‘All right, as a general manager, what have you done to support your quarterback?’ And all you’ve done to support your quarterback is to bring in arguably one of the most polarizing figures in NFL history in Tim Tebow. We’re still trying to figure out how that helps Mark Sanchez’s development,” Esiason told Metro.

“I’m not backing off anything I’ve said. I’m not backing off an assessment I’ve seen. I played in the NFL 14 years. I’ve been a quarterback my entire life from childhood through my pro career. I think I see what everyone else sees that Tim has a very hard time throwing the ball in a conventional offense. The reason why I said to cut him, the reason I didn’t like the additional trade for him, was because [of] the situation we’re finding ourselves in right now.”

So far through two preseason games, Tebow has completed just 9-of-22 passes for 96 yards, a completion percentage of 40.9 percent that is worse than last year in Denver. To be fair to Tebow, he’s never been known as a pocket passer and his winning record as a quarterback is impressive.

Esiason noted that he has no ill will towards Tebow and that during the Super Bowl, they did a joint public appearance together. He said that he’s been “God blessed” three times by the Christian quarterback since they first met.

“I’ve been critical of Tim but I’ve also been supportive of him when he played well,” Esiason said.

“It wasn’t awkward then. I’ve often said that while I’d love for him to be my son-in-law for the attributes he brings to the table, I just in my heart believe that in the NFL, you win a Super Bowl through the air in this league. And that’s just not what his skill set is all about. I don’t expect fireworks. He’s not a kid that’s going to swing at either of us. I’m not looking for that. I’m not looking to create fireworks. I’ve got no problem sitting down with a guy I’ve criticized.”

With Tannebaum along with head coach Rex Ryan slated to appear as guests from training camp, Carton is licking his lips.

“I’d be interested to hear what all these guys have to say. The sad thing is what they claim to be truth are lies,” Carton said.

When asked what lies are being told by the organization, Carton was blunt.

“That they believed that their current football will win the Super Bowl,” he said.

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