Estee Lauder plant moves to Pa. - Metro US

Estee Lauder plant moves to Pa.

By June 30, an additional 500 Long Islanders will be out of work when the Estee Lauder packing plant in Islandia shuts its doors and relocates the operation to Pennsylvania. The result will be millions of dollars in lost wages for Long Island’s economy.

“It’s not good news,” Michael Crowell, a senior economist for the New York State Labor Department told Metro. “Jobs in the private sector are growing but not fast enough.”

The plant shuttering means 103 full-timers, 219 part-timers and 213 on call part-timers are set to lose their jobs.

“We will continue developing and maintaining leading business centers in [Long Island], including manufacturing, research and development,” promised Estee Lauder in a statement.

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