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Evan Rachel Wood talks us through ‘Allure’s’ tragic ending

Evan Rachel Wood in Allure

Warning: The following articles contains SPOILERS for Allure, which revolves around sexual assault survivor Laura (Evan Rachel Wood) abducting Eva (Julia Sarah Stone) and continuing the cycle of abuse.


The ending of “Allure” is bound to be divisive. 


Because even though Eva is able to get away from Laura, using a trip to the swimming pool to escape the clutches of her abductor, Laura isn’t arrested or convicted, and, after confronting her own abusive father, she instead manages to drive away. 


I recently spoke to Evan Rachel Wood about “Allure” and its conclusion, and she talked me through what she thinks happens to Laura. 


“I think she has taken the first steps to recovery. But it is a long road, and what makes me worry about Laura is that she is in poverty. So that is why she is beholden to her father to support her, and why she can’t get proper help. When you have been through what she has been through she needs help and support, and she isn’t getting any of that.”


“But we also had to make sure that we didn’t let Laura off the hook. Because at the end of the day she did abuse this girl, and it is statutory rape, and it is not ok, and she should be in jail. We all have our own stories, and some are worse than others. But at the end of the day we are all adults and we decide which way we are going to go, and sometimes we need to get help. “


Wood also revealed that “Allure” originally had a much different conclusion. But it was just too depressing to end on, even if it was more believable. 


“The film originally ended with her going back to her father, and she stayed and walks back into the house. And the cycle of abuse just continued. But we realized that it was just too f***ing sad. We were putting our audience through too much.”

“In reality though that is what would have happened. She is too far gone, and is not receiving the proper help. But at least when her father comes to her and validates her and says, ‘I’m sorry this happened and it shouldn’t have,’ it’s a game changer for her. It is all she has ever wanted and she didn’t even know. It just proved she wasn’t crazy.”


"Allure" is now in select cinemas and available on VOD & Digital. 

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