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Even foodies cannot resist

After the success of their limited-edition run last year, Pepperidge Farm is bringing back the Australian cookie Tim Tam. Each year from October through March, the decadent chocolate treats will be another tempting option on grocery shelves. “Top Chef” judge and Pepperidge Farm spokeswoman Gail Simmons is stocking up.

Where did you hear about the cookies?

I went to Australia to visit family when I was 19 years old … I discovered Tim Tams, and they were so delicious; they were a staple in my backpack. It’s a running joke in my family that if someone comes to visit from Australia, I always make them bring me some.

How do you take your Tams?

I eat them straight up if I’m on the go. In Australia people do the Tim Tam Slam — you bite off each end and use it as a straw to drink milk through it.

As a foodie, why are you proud to eat Tim Tams?

They’re a great little indulgence.

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