Even Frankie Muniz has forgotten ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ – Metro US

Even Frankie Muniz has forgotten ‘Malcolm in the Middle’

Frankie Muniz Oh dear

Frankie Muniz appears to have an issue with his memory. As in, he doesn’t even remember “Malcolm in the Middle,” the show that brought him fame — and arguably the opportunity to be on “Dancing with the Stars” right now, but I digress.

“It’s something that I never really wanted to talk about, because I’m just me and this is my life,” he said after his performance last night. “But we were talking about ‘Malcolm’ and how it started, and I don’t really have memories of being on the show.”

He admits that over the past 10 years, his mother will bring up certain memories — but to Muniz they are long forgotten. “I don’t know what the cause of it is. It’s not something I looked into, I just thought it was how my brain is,” he said. “[And] I’m not a doctor person,” he added. “Every time I go to the doctors they just tell me I’m crazy.”

Uhhhh. I’m no doctor, obviously, but it sure seems to be that Muniz’s lack of long term memory has something to do with the nine concussions he’s had, and the “fair amount of mini-strokes” too. He, of course, doesn’t think the two have anything to do with each other, saying “I’m not saying those things correlate exactly to the reason why my memory’s not great.”

It’s like, the answer is juuuuust out of reach for my dude.