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Even more ‘Bachelor’ insider secrets

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From staged conversations to jealousy-inducing cameramen, “The Bachelor” is one emotional roller coaster for contestants. No wonder there are so many tears shed. Lucky for you, we’re back this week with more juicy behind-the-scenes tidbits former contestants have spilled. Do contestants really go into debt from buying clothes to be on the show? What’s the one thing missing from those Fantasy Suites? And just how involved is the Bachelor in planning each date? These nine secrets will shock you!

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1. Contestants do bring their own clothes. Some have spent thousands on their new wardrobe, like Jillian Harris, who said she spent $8K. The women are all told to bring fancy clothes (and about 10 gowns for rose ceremonies), athletic fashions, and clothes for warm and cold climates. And it should all fit in just a couple suitcases — ugh, talk about a challenge.

2. Chris Harrison hasn’t always approved of the final choices. He particularly wasn’t in favor of Season 14 couple Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi. Their ugly, on-camera break-up is unforgettable and totally goes down in “Bachelor” history!

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3. All those delicious meals go to waste. Ever wonder why you don’t see the couples eating during their dinner dates? Because they’re not allowed to! In his book, Season 17 Bachelor Sean Lowe explained that everyone eats before the dates as they’re getting ready. “No one looks good eating, and microphones pick up all kinds of chomping!”

4. The sex isn’t always safe. Though they’ve screened contestants for STDs, the producers may not really care about safe sex. When Courtney Robertson joined Ben Flanjik in the fantasy suite, she was surprised to find rose petals and candles, but not one condom.

5. Contestants are gifted with a swag bag. Season 17 winner Catherine Giudici-Lowe said each contestant scored a suitcase filled with clothing, jewelry and beauty products. “It was nice stuff!” she tells Allure.

6. You have to get creative to stay fit. Season 10 Bachelorette Andi Dorfman said their workouts were pretty comical. “There isn’t a workout room or any kind of equipment in the mansion. So we had to improvise if we wanted to stay in shape. We would run up and down a hill in the backyard and use whatever we could find in the house as free weights.”

7. The Bachelor doesn’t have a say in planning the dates.According to Season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Siegfried,“The Bachelor or Bachelorette doesn’t even know where or what the date is until either the day before or the morning of the date. Though they do get to choose who they want to go on which date. In the beginning, producers will suggest [who to go out with], but it’s ultimately up to the Bachelor or Bachelorette.”

8. It can take hours to say goodbye. As both Lace and Jubilee said their goodbyes to Ben this season, they didn’t actually get to leave immediately. They had to stick around to fulfill a variety of duties for the show. As Sean Lowe wrote in his book, when a contestant leaves on his/her own, they first have to tell the Bachelor/ette, then they have to be filmed leaving, and finally the reaction to the contestant leaving is filmed. Talk about drama!

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