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Every Addams puts the fun in both funeral and dysfunctional

Panned by critics when it hit Broadway, “The Addams Family,” a musical tale of America’s eeriest family, was nonetheless an instant hit.

While the fan favorite may lack a memorable score and have hardly a wisp of a plot, it more than compensates for these critical shortcomings with its silly, ooky, kooky fun.

From the moment Thing opens the curtain, laughter abounds in this delightful spectacle that feels like a visit with eccentric old friends.

The macabre mob sings, dances and captures every subtle nuance that made the ’60s sitcom such a quirky delight. Blake Hammond is spot-on as Uncle Fester and Tom Corbeil somehow gets the biggest ovation with the fewest lines in his dead-ringer turn as Lurch.

Sara Gettelfinger nails Morticia’s deadpanning while Douglas Sills delivers not only the show’s strongest vocal performance, but a phenomenal turn as Latin lothario Gomez.

“The Addams Family” is a big production with a large ensemble, lots of scene changes and enough smoke and mirrors to make their impeccable execution reason enough to see the show.

No matter how impressive this flawless production may be, the thing you’ll remember most about it is how much fun this dysfunctional family is.

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