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Every NHL team’s greatest jersey ever

Islanders bench. (Getty Images)
The Islanders wore these jerseys for four-straight Stanley Cups. (Photo: Getty Images)

With the NHL and Adidas releasing their new-look jerseys on Wednesday night, we here at Metro decided to take a trip back in time and take a look at the best jerseys each team has worn.

Fair warning, I am a ’90s kid, which means some of my choices may shock and horrify you. But you can at least take solace in knowing that the Islanders’ fisherman jersey will not be on this list:


Anaheim Ducks


Arizona Coyotes

Compare these to the sweaters Arizona is wearing now. It’s no contest.


Boston Bruins

The yellow “B” and the shoulder patch just gave this classic a little something extra.


Buffalo Sabres

I so wanted to go with the black and silver get-ups. But you can’t argue with a classic like this. 


Calgary Flames

Calgary desperately needs to get rid of the black accents in their uniforms. Look how clean these are.


Carolina Hurricanes

Bring back the Whale!


Chicago Blackhawks

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Colorado Avalanche

Considering I’ve never seen an Avalanche jersey I like, I’ll dream about the days Quebec gets the Nordiques back.


Columbus Blue Jackets

Never been impressed with the Blue Jackets jerseys, but the cannon was always a nice touch.


Dallas Stars

They shouldn’t even be in Dallas…


Detroit Red Wings



Edmonton Oilers

If the Oilers are smart, they keep the royal blue and orange this year.


Florida Panthers

The new Panthers logo is just so blah. It’s like a soccer team’s crest.


Los Angeles Kings

Purple and gold are royal colors. Not black and silver.


Minnesota Wild

Considering the Stars should have never left Minnesota, there is no need for the Wild.


Montreal Canadiens

How cool is this photo? Any Canadiens jersey is gorgeous.


Nashville Predators

Their leaked ones are the best. This is the closest they’ve had to a nice hockey sweater.


New Jersey Devils

Remember when Wayne Gretzky called the Devils a Mickey Mouse organization? I mean, I wasn’t alive, but that’s all I think about when I see these. Jokes aside, they’re goregous.


New York Islanders

One of the most underrated jerseys in hockey. 


New York Rangers

Once again, classic is key.


Ottawa Senators

The new Senator head is unsettling. This was understated.


Philadelphia Flyers

As much as New Yorkers dislike the Flyers, Philly has churned out some beautiful sweaters.


Pittsburgh Penguins

I liked the meaner looking “Robo-Penguin”.


San Jose Sharks

The Sharks kept it simple back then. Now it’s just too busy.


St. Louis Blues

I know they’re not the Blues and Reds, but this picture is too precious to pass up.


Tampa Bay Lightning

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh man, sorry. Moving on.


Toronto Maple Leafs

A vintage feel to a new logo. Very nice.


Vancouver Canucks

A close second was the classic hockey stick in the hockey rink.


Washington Capitals

I’m not sure why the Capitals ever deviated from these.


Winnipeg Jets

No hockey list is complete without Teemu Selanne. But seriously, the Jets’ current logo/jersey can’t hold the old version’s jock strap. 

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