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Every night has its dawn

For a guy who is probably best-known for informing the world that every rose has its thorn, Bret Michaels certainly had a prickly year.

In the span of a few months this spring, the Poison frontman and reality-show fixture was hit with an emergency appendectomy, a near-fatal brain hemorrhage and a “warning” stroke, which led doctors to discover a hole in his heart.

On the plus side, though, is his new reality show, “Life As I Know It,” and new album, “Custom Built” — as well as his win on “Celebrity Apprentice.” “The last year’s been at complete opposite ends of the spectrum,” Michaels says.

The first episode of “Life” delves deeply into Michaels’ health problems and his desire to get back on tour. He’s not shy about any of it. “It’s a tough thing to talk about, but … I’m a pretty candid person. I keep all my cards on the table,” he says.

His family is also showing their hand. Michaels’ two daughters and their mother — on-again, off-again girlfriend, Kristi — are featured in “Life.”

“They’ve handled it well,” he says. “We’ll sit down and talk about it: ‘Here’s the reality of your reality. If you want to film some stuff, great. If it’s not what you’re into that day, you can’t force it.’”

Rock of ages

Michaels says he and his girlfriend “are making an effort.” That means if there is another season of “Rock of Love,” the format — multiple women competing for his affection — will change. He says he’s working on something called “Rock of Love Boat.”

“The catch line is: ‘What if a rock star could save your relationship?’” he says. “[Couples will get] awful advice from me.”

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