‘Every single person I talk to is scared sh**less right now:’ Selma Blair on tapping into her fears for the ‘punk rock’ ‘Mom And Dad’ - Metro US

‘Every single person I talk to is scared sh**less right now:’ Selma Blair on tapping into her fears for the ‘punk rock’ ‘Mom And Dad’

Selma Blair and Nicolas Cage
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Everything about “Mom And Dad” is outrageous. From its insane premise, which sees parents trying to kill their children for an unknown reason, to its shocking moments of violence and gore, all of which bobs along nicely courtesy of its lightning pace and zipping 83 minute long running time.

I recently had the opportunity to talk over the phone with Selma Blair, who stars opposite Nicolas Cage in “Mom And Dad” as parents trying to kill their son and daughter, and she admitted that she was initially attracted to the project because of just how “outrageous” it was obviously going to be.

Blair also provided the perfect description for “Mom And Dad,” too.

“It is a punk rock movie. I’m a fan of Brian Taylor. I am a huge fan of Nicolas Cage. In this time when there are so many boundaries, because people are trying not to offend, this was just something that was so crazy that it seemed beyond offending everyone.”

At the same time, though, Selma Blair also recognized that “Mom And Dad” explored some very probing themes and possesses “a real metaphor about how parents might subconsciously feel.”

“Not even subconsciously feel,” Blair continued. “But there is a heavy aspect to the movie about this kind of soullessness that can happen to parents. My character really wants to be a good mum, and it means everything to her.”

“But then it fell apart and they lost themselves. Being ignored by your kids doesn’t make your mother a murderer normally, but in this strange world this horrible thing happens.”

While Blair said the film was “unnerving” she stopped short of calling it a full on “horror movie,” declaring, “I don’t really know what it is. I just think it is a punk rock showcase.”

“I could almost show my son. I mean because of the language and the idea, I wouldn’t show my son. I am a better mother than that. But there’s no image in there that is so grotesque that it would haunt you. It’s just the idea is terribly disturbing.”

In order to do “Mom And Dad” justice Blair tapped into the purveying sense of fear that is currently permeating across the world.

“I don’t have repressed feelings about my child. But, in general, we all have repressed fears. I also think trying to do the right thing all the time can go against our instincts as people. While it is obvious that people are more afraid than ever.”

“Or they are at least starting to admit it more than ever. Every single person I talk to is scared sh**less right now. This film allowed me a huge laugh of release. Because I was like, ‘OK. This is what’s in the huge spinning world of my mind.’ Just the horror. We’re all thinking of horror.”

“Either nuclear world. Or we’re all going to die. Or our children are going to die. Or the ethics of our president. There’s so much. People are terrified. And it was just a deep entertainment to just have a couple of laughs in the face of this scream.”

You can see for yourself if “Mom And Dad” is just as therapeutic, as it has just been released in select cinemas and is also available on VOD and Digital HD. 

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